Family Price Guide

$100 per session.

All sessions require purchase of print package.

Untitled photo


8 Wallets

3-5x7 prints

1-8x10 print

Untitled photo


16 Wallets

3-5x7 prints

2-8x10 prints

1-11x14 print

3 Digital Files

Untitled photo


16 Wallets

4-5x7 prints

4-8x10 prints

1-16x24 print

5 Digital Files

Untitled photo


16 Wallets

12-5x7 prints

8-8x10 prints

2-11x14 prints

9 Digital Files

*Digital files include a 5x7 print file and files for use on social media. Only the images I provide with intent for social media may be used on social media. This includes, but is not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Instagram. Any illegal use of digital files will be prosecuted.

*No travel restrictions inside 30 minutes. All images property of Robert Farrell and Robert Farrell Photography. Unauthorized print reproduction, electronic reproduction, or electronic distribution is illegal and such actions will be prosecuted by law.

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